This lab is dedicated for digital logic designing labs, industrial automation related labs and embedded systems research.  The facility is equipped with equipment such as;
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    • PLC with a Process control system
    • PCB Microscope
    • Analog multimeter
    • KYORITSU Digital multimeter
    • FLUKE Digital multimeter
    • TENMA Soldering station
    • TENMA digital- control and programmable DC Power supply
    • GWINSTK Laboratory Power Supply
    • TENMA Power Supply
    • LEDER Power Supply
    • BK-PRECISION Waveform Generator
    • TENMA Oscilloscope
    • Tektronic Digital Oscilloscope
    • Agilent Waveform generator
    • TENM
      Logic probe
Our Team
Academic Staff
  • Dr. Kamalanath Samarakoon
Head/Department of Computer Engineering
Faculty Representative to International Affairs Office/UoP
Senior Lecturer/Department of Computer Engineering