Research Expertise

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Staff Member Research Interest
Dr. P.M.T.B. Sandirigama Cryptography and Network Security: Cryptographic Authentication Protocols;; Intellectual Property Issues – both Engineering and non- Engineering Inventions.
Dr. S.D. Dewasurendra
Discrete Event Dynamic Systems (DES); Distributed Systems: Modelling, Design & Control of Complex Reactive Systems; Formal Verification & Validation; Fault Diagnosis; Agile/Holonic/Flexible Manufacturing; Enterprise Modelling/Integration; Shop Floor Control Systems; Industrial/Process Automation: PLC and PLD based;
Dr. Eng. S.M.K.B Samarakoon Computer Interfacing, Instrumentation & Industrial Control; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA); Computer Applications in Power System Automation, Industrial Control Systems and Interfacing. Image Processing, Use of Mobile Devices for science teaching and learning, Remote Lab Development
Prof. R. G. Ragel Embedded Systems Design: Architectural support for Reliability and Security; Security issues on Embedded Processors; Side Channel Attacks; Application Specific Processor Design with Performance and Area Trade off
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan System Level Synthesis of Application Specific Processors: Performance, Area & Power Tradeoffs of Embedded Processor Design; Multi- Pipeline Processor Design and Synthesis; Heterogeneous Pipelines in Embedded Processors
Mr. D.S. Deegalla Data Mining, Text Mining, Machine Learning and Big Data
Mr. Ziyan Maraikar Cloud computing, Distributed systems, learning from data
Dr. A. Bandaranayake Computer Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks, Sensor Networks, Low-cost IoT and IoT applications, Data Science, Machine Learning, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, and Blended Learning
Dr. D. Elkaduwa Secure microkernels for embedded systems
Dr. G.S.N. Karunarathna Network Security, Mobility Management, Software Defined Networks, Authentication, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtualization
Dr. HMDK Herath Computational Biology, Data Engineering
Dr. Upul Jayasinghe IoT, Machine Learning, Computational Trust, Blockchain, Image Processing, Computer Networking, and Wireless Communication.