PeraCom wins a Gold at Global Robotics Games 2023 at Singapore
2023-11-29 · Admin · 2 mins read
PeraCom wins a Gold at Global Robotics Games 2023 at Singapore

We are extremely proud to announce that a group of five third year undergraduates of Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya have become first in the senior university category at Global Robotics Games 2023. The three day robotics competition held in Singapore, began on the 15th of November 2023. The competition is part of the educational initiative led by WEFAA Robotics, to engage and inspire students ranging from primary to undergraduate levels.

Five undergraduate students from the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Peradeniya, namely Adeepa Fernando, Hariharan Raveenthiran, Piumal Rathnayake, Saadia Jameel and Thamish Wanduragala, presently engaged in their industrial training in Singapore, participated in the contest under the Senior University Category. Participants had to assemble their own reconfigurable, modular and programmable robots for a soccer competition.

On day one, the students embraced the challenge of showcasing their technical prowess by assembling their version of a soccer- playing robot. On day two, the focus shifted to refining the robot’s skills and strategy in preparation for taking on opponents in a series of soccer matches. After having played all round- robin matches and winning the quarter finals on the second day, our team went on to winning the semi- final and final matches on the third day. They were thus crowned the winners of the Transformer Robot Soccer League in the Senior University Category.

After the awards ceremony, was a cultural event where participants from all countries took to the stage to showcase their respective cultures through song, dance, or drama. Our team from Sri Lanka performed the song “Sri Lanka Matha” by the renowned Sri Lankan singers Bathiya and Santhush.