As much as there is a universe as we look up, there is a universe to explore within ourselves, at micro level. The computational biology research lab at Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya focuses on exploring the use of Computer science and Engineering to elucidate the biological systems around us and using that knowledge in various applications.

Recent Updates

Last Updated on 06/07/2021
  • We have been awarded a University of Peradeniya Researh Grant to work further on the project “Counting the uncountable : Estimating species richness from metavirome data”

  • Our systematic review titled “Machine learning for plant microRNA prediction: A systematic review” is now available as a preprint.

  • Our work miRNAFinder: A Comprehensive Web Resource for Plant Pre-microRNA Classification is now available as a preprint 

  • Our work on Crop disease detection with Deep learning has been accepted for an oral presentation at iPURSE 2021. Further work on the project is up at

  • We will be organizing a special session on data engineering for biology and medicine at ICIAFS conference 2021.


Dr Damayanthi Herath



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J Mirnafinder: A comprehensive web resource for plant mirna classfiication, BioSystems Journal Submitted
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