Damayanthi Herath graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya in year 2012. After serving in the industry, she joined back the department as a lecturer in the year 2015. She was a member of the Optimisation and Pattern Recognition Research Group of Melbourne School of Engineering, The University of Melbourne as a PhD candidate from 2015-2018. After completing her graduate studies she is back with the department since January 2019.
During her PhD, Damayanthi worked on computational models and methods to profile inherently diverse DNA sequencing data which encode genetic information of multiple species and organisms. Her work in PhD will assist in understanding the dynamics of microbes, their effects on our surroundings and functionalities of multiple cells under different environments.
Her research interests are in devising methods based on Mathematics and Computer Science to solve problems in biology and medicine.
Research interests: 
Educational Qualifications: 
  • BSc (Eng)
  • PhD, Melbourne
Awards and Honours:
  1. University Research grant 2021 from University of Peradeniya.
  2. Merit Award for research from the National Research Council, Sri Lanka, 2019.
  3. AGTA 2018 The best poster (student) prize – Nov 2018 Australiasian Genomic Technologies Association : Awarded to the best poster presented at the AGTA 2018 conference, Adelaide, Australia
  4. AGTA Travel award 2018 – Oct 2018 Australian Genomic Technologies Association :Supporting the presentation of research work at AGTA 2018, Adelaide, Australia (
  5. Stawell Scholarship – Jul 2017 Melbourne school of Engineering
  6. GHC Student Scholarship – May 2017 Anita Borg Institute (ABI) : The ABI scholarship for Grace Hopper Celebration of Computing (GHC) gives the opportunity to outstanding female students and faculty to attend GHC conference, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists
  7. Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship – Jun 2015 University of Melbourne
  8. Melbourne International Research Scholarship – Jun 2015 The University of Melbourne
  9. Scholarship winner to attend 4th South Asian Workshop on Research Frontiers in Computing – May 2014 School of Computing, National University of Singapore
  10. First Runners up in Tech Day 2013 Blogging competition – Oct 2013 Virtusa
  11. Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) Gold medal for Excellence in Computer Engineering May 2013 IFS : Awarded by IFS , Sri Lanka annually appreciating the student who excel in academics being the Computer Engineering field Top in Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya
  12. Manel Ileperuma scholarship – Mar 2010 Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya

CO 324: Network and Web Application Development (2021-S5)

CO 544 : Machine Learning and Data Mining (2022-S5)

CO544: Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems (2021-S7)

Available for Supervision:
  • Yes

“Development of a framework for accelerated, automated testing in GUI quality assurance”,

Karunarathna, R.D.: Herath H.M.D.K., Wayamba International Conference, Sri Lanka 29 -30 August 2014. (

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Methods, Imesh Udara Ekanayake, Damayanthi Herath, 2020 Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference (MERCon)
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Data Mining and Machine Learning, Final Year Research