Title: Data Science: Both Art and a Science
Talk Abstract: Modern-day industry is increasingly using data science applications to improve their businesses. More stakeholders are working with data scientists and data engineers than ever, to solve critical business problems, to create platforms that can deliver data-driven insights, and to assist in many other business-related interventions. Despite the immense popularity of data science as a problem-solving tool, some of the important elements in data science workflows are often not given enough attention, and hence resulting in failures. In this talk we discuss the nature of data science both as an art and a science and illustrate with an example from the domain of NLP followed by lessons learned in the field that may be broadly applicable in the practice of data science.
Speaker Bio: Nalinda Kulathunga is a senior data scientist at Wiley Global Technology with 5+ years of experience in data analytics and data science. He also has experience in working as a data science researcher and as an adjunct faculty in both physics and data science fields. Nalinda possesses postgraduate qualifications in both physics and applied machine learning.