Title: Challenges in developing products for the Healthcare industry
Talk Abstract:
Healthcare is a complex sector and slow to adapt to novel technological advancements. New inventions have to go through a rigorous process from development to widespread adoption to be considered a successful product. There are competing requirements with each product that make it impossible to achieve all of them. This talk will cover some of the health monitoring devices developed at western Sydney University and the challenges and found solutions. Further the talk will extend to discuss the unresolved unexplored areas in human/animal health monitoring applications mostly emphasizing data communication and usability perspectives.
Speaker Bio:
Titus Jayarathna received BSc (hons) Engineering (specialized in computer engineering) in 2015 from University of Peradeniya. He is currently working as a biomedical in residence at the MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University. His research interests focus on the design of invisible wearable devices for psychological signal measurement, ultra-low power embedded systems, low complex algorithms and public health