We are delighted to announce that two projects presented by two of the students from our department, Keshara Weerasinghe and Viraj Dhanushka, have been awarded “Best product/project – University Category – Central Province” at the SLASSCOM NATIONAL INGENUITY AWARDS 2021. 

We Congratulate Keshara Weerasinghe and Viraj Dhanushka for the recognition they have achieved. We are indeed proud of the extra step they have taken in representing the Department of Computer Engineering University of Peradeniya on such a national platform.

Keshara Weerasinghe has presented the Real-time Remote Covid-19 Patient Monitoring System built by himself and Kasun Vithanage (also from the Department of Computer Engineering) for the contest. This project was initiated as a solution for the huge risk the Medical professionals take in examining the COVID19 patients under isolation. We are proud of the effort taken by the two students in contributing from the best of their capabilities to the country during the hour of need. The Monitoring System built is currently functioning in National Hospital Kandy and Teaching Hospital Peradeniya. 

Viraj Dhanushka has presented the project titled, Digital Signage Based User Targeted Advertising. Here, they have embedded a user detecting and identifying unit within the digital signage system so that when a user is in front of a digital screen, the items advertised on the screen are relevant to the particular user. They have also implemented a digital signage control unit and a smart power supply unit in making the system more affordable and effective. This was built by Viraj Dhanushka, Hans Thisanke, Sumudu Liyanage from the Department of Computer Engineering, Ashan Serasinghe from the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Akitha Madusanga from the Department of Civil Engineering. 

We once again congratulate Keshara Weerasinghe and Viraj Dhanushka for being innovative, going the extra mile in applying for national-level contests, and being an inspiration to other students.

Writeup by – Nithya Kularatne

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